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gDNA & strain collection


Customized DNA extraction

DNA bank

AIT launched its internationally renowned DNA bank in 2003 (FP6 project EVOLTREE) providing long-time storage of and access to plant or animal related biological material (e.g. gDNA, tissue) and corresponding metadata in accordance with strict quality control standards. Supported by a high level of lab automation, the tailor-made laboratory information management system MAPS guarantees failure-free efficient sample and data management.

Our expertise

By focusing on non-model organisms, our expertise is ranging from tailor-made DNA extraction via genotyping to data interpretation. In particular, we are dedicated to the development and application of DNA-based genetic markers as tools for species identification (DNA barcoding), marker-trait association analysis (GWAS), population genetics, diversity analysis, paternity testing, or for the proof of a sample’s origin and authenticity.

Our services

For detailed information about our services, please check out the page about our analytical services.