is a Large EU-funded Network of Excellence (25 partners in 15 EU countries) to analyse the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems from an evolutionary perspective.

Evoltree is fostering integration through interdisciplinary research; spreading its knowledge and expertise for the purpose of education, biodiversity monitoring and conservation. Dissemination of knowledge is facilitated through a continuous dialogue between various stakeholders.

PICME is playing two central roles in this Network of Excellence (NoE): first, in Seibersdorf the central resource centre of the project is located, second, PICME represents the central knowledge and database node of the network.

The fully automated biobank is collecting all the genetic resources being produced within the project in order to facilitate further diversity studies and to provide reference material for continued research projects.

The database node provides central access to all the data resources developed within the NoE, thus giving access do all the knowledge stored at distributed partner institutions via a central Internet search portal. The goal of this information portal is the integration of research activities, and, therefore, the reduction of the fragmentation of European research.