We are looking for co-operation partners willing to offer their valuable resources to the scientific community, by adding them to our EST-warehouse. After signing the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), material can be transferred to our laboratory and will be stored according to QC standards in the PICME database. A sample MTA can be downloaded here, for further details please contact us.

Technology Transfer

We are prepared to assist in standardising sample management as well as chip production and data storage, opening up collaboration possibilities between highly advanced research institutions and research systems all around the world focussed on their regional needs.

By accepting EST clones and associated data from co-operating partners willing to share their valuable work, for management, maintenance and public access in our facility, we intend to enhance co-operative international research in providing multiple use of these resources. This approach will help to avoid duplication of trait oriented genomics and allow a better focussed utilisation of precious research funds while meeting the global challenge for improving plant properties.